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Water Damage Removal And Flood Restoration In Los Angeles County And Surrounding Areas

Have you just survived a major flood, storm, or other natural disaster in the Los Angeles area?

Regal Restoration Masters provides water damage removal, flood removal, and water damage dry-out to Los Angeles county and surrounding areas. Our team understands the immediate needs of water damage restoration so we are available 24/7. We will be on site within 30 minutes and ready to mitigate the disaster with all of our equipment on hand.

Regal Restoration Masters has been protecting Los Angeles county homes since 1989. Our qualified and professional water damage cleanup team will bring you peace of mind as they assess the scene and begin to mitigate the damage through water extraction and proper water damage dry-out. We know exactly what it takes to bring your home back to its pre-disaster condition.

Don’t wait; call Regal Restoration Masters, your local Los Angeles flood removal company.


Los Angeles Area Water Damage Restoration

As a leading flood and water damage restoration company we are ready to handle any problem that comes your way. We have all of the latest technology and superior equipment including dehumidifiers, blowers, and dryers. Starting from the moment we arrive on scene we use professional moisture detecting equipment to test the level of saturation and develop a proper water extraction strategy.


Flood Removal

After a flood the biggest issue is to remove the standing water from your home. If this water lies stagnant for any period of time mold will begin to develop. With our 30 minute response time for Los Angeles and surrounding areas we will not let this happen. However it is essential that you call us as early as possible to get the flood removal process started.


Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage cleanup is an important part of the process. Even after all of the water damage removal is complete there will still be a lot of secondary damage to the items in your house. We will work to stop any deterioration of your walls and floor. Only when your home is safe once again will the project be complete.


Los Angeles County Flooding

According to FEMA there is a chance for flooding in many areas across Los Angeles county and surrounding areas. More information on possible flood routes near you can be found at http://dpw.lacounty.gov/wmd/floodzone/.