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Fontana, California Water Damage, Mold, and Sewage Cleanup

Is your home or business in Fontana, California suffering from a water-related incident?  Whether a bath tub overflow or emotionally overwhelming flood damage you need professional water damage restoration services.  Our experience and expertise includes water extraction, structural dry out, mold remediation, and sewage cleanup.

Prompt action is about more than just restoring daily life and getting past the worries and stress as soon as possible.  Without expert attention and special equipment you’re likely to soon be facing additional destruction to flooring, drywall, and even the building structure itself.  And insurance won’t cover it because it was preventable. You have only a 1-2 day window to prevent secondary damage and its repair expenses.  That’s why we’re ready to serve Fontana 24 hours a day with super-prompt dispatch and arrivals.

Why Regal?

A lot is at stake, so you want someone who stands behind their work because they do it right.  That’s Regal Restoration Masters.  We’ve been in business nearly 30 years thanks to our quality work and attention to our customers needs.  Properly licensed and insured, we’re experienced in nearly every residential and commercial situation imaginable.  Our certified technicians are highly trained and experienced in numerous cleaning and restoration specialties.  And we back them with the latest in technologies and industry best practices.  We complete all work, including cleanup and haul away so there’s nothing you have to take care of yourself.  And we’re ready to get started anytime 24/7/365.  We’ll be there in just 30 minutes!

Insurance Issues

We accept all insurance companies and will work directly with your insurer for a faster and smoother claims process.  That includes an expert evaluation, detailed photographic and paper documentation, and taking all the required mitigation steps.

All insurance companies accepted!

State Farm

Water Damage Restoration

Our water restoration services take care of the building, crawlspace or basement, carpeting, rugs, and upholstery.  If only a few square feet are affected and you can immediately mop up, you can  probably take care of it yourself.  But for anything beyond that you need water damage specialists not just ordinary cleaners or repairmen.  Our expert services include the following.

  • flood water removal followed by extensive disinfection and cleaning
  • water extraction with powerful truck-mounted equipment designed just for this purpose
  • structural dry out with more than just powerful blowers – we also use refrigerant dehumidifiers and specialized dryers, and measure material moisture levels not just air humidity and temperature
  • odor removal foggers and generators to neutralize smells

The exact actions we take depend on two factors, as detailed in the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) guidelines.  The degree of contamination determines the necessary disinfection and worker protections.  Needless to say anything involving sewage or natural flooding (Category 3) is a major biohazard.  Used water, such as from a dishwasher or washing machine (Category 2) contains and nurtures microorganisms, and also requires attention to sanitation.  Category 1 is directly from clean sources, but after 24 hours becomes Category 2.

The amount of water determines how aggressive drying methods need to be.  With only a very limited area of wet carpet (Class 1) lifting carpet and exhaust fans may be adequate.  With the floor of an entire room wet, water will be working its way up walls and into the structure itself (Class 2).  That calls for specialized drying equipment.  When floors are saturated (Class 3) aggressive water extraction and structural drying are necessary to prevent further deterioration.  When even materials like hardwoods and stone are saturated (Class 4) even more aggressive actions are necessary.

Mold Remediation

Drying, killing, or painting over mold with a stain blocker aren’t enough.  They all let toxins and spores hang around, ready to cause more problems in the future.  Plus the biggest part of your problem may be inside walls, behind cabinetry, or under carpet.  And disturbing molds actually helps their microscopic spores spread throughout the building.  That’s why the EPA recommends licensed mold removal technicians for all but the smallest problems.  And why we follow each and every step of EPA, OSHA, and other guidelines.

  • inspection and test — hundreds of species have been proven toxic (not just black mold), and all release allergens and irritants
  • isolation — plastic sheeting, air scrubbers, and negative-pressure exhaust limits hazards to the work area
  • mold removal, including spores — we may use any of several procedures, from chem-wipes to completely removing affected materials
  • air duct cleaning — removes spores from the heating and cooling system
  • anti-fungal treatments — provide further protection against regrowth
  • odor removal — neutralizes musty odors
  • hazardous waste disposal — required for all wastes and materials

Sewage Damage Clean Up

If you’ve had a toilet overflow with feces or a sewage back up, you need professional sewage cleanup to deal first with the very serious health hazards and then to minimize or eliminate water damage.  As with flooding water makes its way through the tiniest openings, so you need someone who knows where to look and clean, such as under cabinets and behind baseboards.  Plus anything that has been in direct contact that can’t be heat-sterilized must be discarded.  Here’s the key phases of our services.

  • inspection and isolation of the affected areas
  • sewage removal with complete worker protection
  • extensive cleaning and disinfection
  • transport and disposal of all contaminated wastes according to regulations
  • water damage restoration
  • odor removal

Water Damage Repair and Reconstruction

Our crews have the experience and skills needed to build a home or place of business start to finish.  So we’re ready for anything and everything you might need for repairs, demolition, and reconstruction as part of your mold, sewage backup, or water damage restoration.  That includes flooring, roofing, cabinetry, and much more.  Unlike some companies, we’ll completely clean up with debris removal and then haul everything away.

Fontana Flooding

No matter whether you’re recovering from a plumbing problem or natural flooding, once we’ve brought balance back into your life it’s a good time to get ready for future possibilities.  Fontana CA has a much higher incidence of natural disasters than most California cities.  Over a 60 year period (1950-2010) within 50 miles of the city there were 416 floods, 252 wildfires, and 227 incidents of high winds (http://www.usa.com/fontana-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm).  So you really do need to prepare!  You can find some great local information, including where to get alerts, at http://www.sbcounty.gov/dph/publichealth/ph_divisions/preparedness_response/natural_disasters.asp and http://www.fontana.org/index.aspx?NID=372.  And remember that more is involved than just supplies.  Be sure you have a business disaster plan, and a plan for what happens if your family isn’t together at the time of a disaster.