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South Pasadena Water Damage Restoration

When you need water damage repairs, sewage cleanup, or mold removal you want the job done right, and right away.  In South Pasadena that means Regal. Our home and business restoration experts are highly trained and certified in a wide range of  flood damage and water damage restoration skills, and our anti-microbial specialists are ready to tackle any sewage backup or mold remediation nightmare.

Time is of the essence.  Without immediate mitigation even seemingly small incidents can spiral into major hidden damage in as little as a day.  We’ll be at your South Pasadena doorstep anytime 24 hours a day in just 30 minutes to put your worries to rest.

Regal Restoration Masters

Regal is a licensed California contractor, bonded and fully insured.  We provide complete water damage services for your South Pasadena home or business 24 hours a day every day of the year.  Our water damage specialists rescue your possessions and return the structure to pre-loss condition.  Independently owned and operated, we’ve been in business since 1989.  That’s well over a quarter-century of technical excellence and superior customer care.  Our technicians are independently certified with ongoing education and we back them with cutting-edge technology.

We accept all insurance companies and bill them directly to save you the up-front payment and paperwork hassle.  We’ll also work directly with your insurer and their local South Pasadena adjusters, meeting their requirements and working towards a smooth and swift claims process.


Water Damage Restoration

Whether you need sewage damage cleanup, flood damage restoration, or limited water damage repairs after a dishwasher overflow our water damage specialists have you covered.  It doesn’t take a major inundation to call for professional water damage restoration.  The international non-profit Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (www.iicrc.org) recommends expert attention for anything more than a small area of wet carpet in a single room.  That’s because water quickly soaks deeply into the structure to where a natural rate of evaporation in South Pasadena takes weeks to remove it.  Yet it starts bacteria and mold growth, drywall crumbling, and wood warping the very first day.

Our team of experts starts by assessing the damage and creating a detailed plan of action to minimize the risk of mold and other further deterioration.  We document the process, including our use of superior equipment for moisture measurement, surface water extraction, and structural drying.  As appropriate we’ll set up air scrubbing and odor control gear as well.  Our technicians attend to cleaning and disinfection, and our services include crawlspace and basement drying as well as repairs and reconstruction.

Flood Damage Restoration

The amount of water involved is certainly important, but that’s not the only factor.  Insurance companies make a big distinction regarding the source of water (off-property claims requiring a special flood policy).  From a water restoration perspective, the cleanliness of the water is a major factor.  Any groundwater source will be filled with bacteria, viruses, and fungi that pose a risk of both contact and airborne disease.  So in addition to pump-out, debris removal, drying, and damage repair our South Pasadena clean up technicians make sure that cleaning and disinfection are absolutely thorough.

Mold Removal in South Pasadena

Don’t put off taking action if you think you might have a mold problem.  It’s quite happy to grow in complete darkness hidden under carpet and inside walls.  So big problems are more common than you might think.  Several species of varying color (not just black) release dangerous toxins, and all species release spores and other contamination that can lead to allergies, flu-like symptoms, and potentially more serious health conditions.

We offer a free visual inspection, and if you wish can perform mold testing.  When needed our mold remediation services begin with isolating the affected area, thorough spore and mold removal, and proper disposal of all wastes.  We follow through with additional cleaning and anti-fungal treatment of surrounding areas along with odor removal and repairs.

Sewage Cleanup

A sewage backup is a nasty mess that you most definitely should not try to deal with yourself.  Even plumbers and other professionals often fail to take the necessary precautions against the liquid and airborne spread of disease organisms.  Any material that came in direct contact must be sterilized, replaced, or encapsulated.  Containment, isolation, cleaning, and disinfection must all be done properly so that the situation does not pose a health risk.  That includes sewage removal as well as its transport through South Pasadena.  Our sewage damage cleaning specialists follow a detailed checklist for sewage extraction, sewage cleanup, and repairs.