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Chino, California Water Damage Services

Need professional water damage restoration at your Chino CA home or business?  Whether you’ve experienced a plumbing leak or need major water damage repairs after a winter storm, you can count on Regal to minimize the loss of your possessions and return the building to pre-loss condition.  Effective mitigation requires prompt action, so our water damage removal services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our quick response team can be at any location in Chino within 30 minutes to start recovery and put your mind at rest.

Choose Regal Restoration for Water Damage Removal

In business for over 20 years as a water damage restoration company, Regal is known for fast, affordable services.  Providing emergency services to Chino and surrounding Southern California areas 24 hours a day, we’re able to take care of all aspects of water damage removal.

Independently owned and operated, we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  A general contractor to meet all your repair needs, we employ highly-qualified and well trained cleaning and restoration technicians.  To minimize secondary damage we arm them with superior equipment and the latest in technologies and techniques.  With a complete team of professionals we restore your home or business to pre-loss condition, clean and odor-free.

We’ll bill your insurance company directly to save you an up-front payment, and we’ll work closely with their local Chino adjusters to save you time and aggravation.

Water Damage Restoration in Chino

It takes only minutes for water to soak in so deeply that natural evaporation would take weeks to remove it.  But within 24-48 hours it’s causing problems such as mold and bacteria growth, swelling drywall, and warping wood.  Our water damage services put a stop to that, as only professionals with specialized equipment can.  The sooner restoration begins the smaller the losses will be.

In cases of plumbing, roof, and window leaks our water leak detection specialists have all the experience and electronic instruments necessary to quickly track the source down, pin pointing its location.

The restoration process begins with a thorough assessment using sensitive moisture detection meters.  We’ll document conditions and all damage then proceed with cleaning and drying.  Our advanced water extraction equipment pulls moisture out of exposed building surfaces and quickly lowers indoor humidity.  We then deploy refrigerant dehumidifiers and specialized blowers to completely dry out the inner structure.  Along the way our water damage cleanup crews will take care of debris removal, cleaning, and disinfecting.  Our Chino water damage services also include basement drying, crawlspace cleanup and drying, and permanent odor removal.

Storm and flood damage cleanup has to be especially thorough with disinfection, as soil bacteria and viruses pose serious health hazards.  Our experts are also equipped to handle sewage removal.  Any sewage backup calls for special training in containment and isolation (viruses and bacteria easily become airborne), sterilization.  If possible all porous materials that came in direct contact with sewage should be replaced.

Chino Mold Remediation

If mold should occur after flooding, a leak, or just high indoor humidity our mold removal specialists are ready.  Following industry best-practices they’ll properly isolate and ventilate the work area then thoroughly remove mold and mold spores.  For further mold remediation they may provide additional cleaning, apply anti-fungal treatments, and neutralize odors.

Water Damage Repairs

Drywall and acoustic ceiling tiles are quickly damaged, and often need replacing.  Our water restoration crews can take care of that along with carpet replacement and general water damage repairs.

Pack Out

After a storm, appliance break-down, or plumbing emergency it’s often best to move furniture and other possessions off site.  That makes room for restoration work, and gets your belongings out of a damp environment.  Our pack out specialists carefully pack and prepare everything before transporting it to our facility near Chino.  There our cleaning and restoration technicians will properly treat each item before secure storage.  And, of course, pack out services include returning everything to right where it belongs as well as maintaining a detailed inventory at each step.