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Commerce, California Professional Water Damage Restoration

Do you need a water damage rescue at your home or business in Commerce, California?  Then you need our water damage specialists to prevent further deterioration and get your daily routine back to normal as quickly as possible.  Whether you’re facing devastating flood damage or just a toilet backup, we provide exceptional water damage restoration, sewage cleanup, and mold remediation services.  With anything less you risk secondary harm that insurance won’t cover as it was preventable.  Mitigation must begin within the first day, so we’re available 24 hours a day with immediate dispatch and prompt arrivals.

Regal Restoration Masters

Properly licensed and insured, we’re a full-service company ready to take care of everything from damage assessment to final cleanup for a worry-free recovery.  We’ve been in business nearly 30 years, building our expertise in just about every situation along with a reputation for outstanding customer service. Regal maintains the latest in state of the art equipment for flood damage restoration and our certified technicians are experienced and highly trained.  As a licensed general contractor our skilled crews can take care of any repairs and reconstruction you might need.

Insurance Issues

Both homeowner and flood damage insurance policies require immediate mitigation against further deterioration, otherwise that subsequent harm won’t be covered.  We’ll meet those requirements along with the documentation necessary for a smooth claims process.  Regal accepts all insurance companies, and we’ll bill them directly so that you won’t need to make any up-front payments.

All insurance companies accepted!

State Farm

Water Damage Restoration

Recovering from a flood or plumbing disaster requires a lot more than just mopping up and making a few repairs.  It’s necessary to remove all dampness, including what’s made its way underneath flooring, up inside walls, and deeply into the structure itself.  Under natural rates of evaporation that can take weeks or even a month or two, yet destruction is already underway the very first day.  That includes warped, split, and decaying wood, disintegrating drywall, and more.

Our professional services clean, dry, dehumidify, deodorize, and repair affected areas, returning them to safe and like-new condition in just a few days. It all begins with a detailed inspection and tests.  We’ll then set specific goals and meet them through frequent monitoring and moisture measurements (not merely temperature and humidity). Procedures are likely to include several of the following, covering building surfaces, the inner structure, carpet, rugs, and upholstery.

  • flood pump out and sanitization
  • water extraction with superior-performance truck-mounted vacuum equipment
  • building structural dry out with an array of refrigerant humidifiers, special-purpose heaters, and high-capacity blowers
  • mold and odor removal
  • repairs and reconstruction

Similar procedures also apply to basement flooding as well as to crawl spaces.

Is All That Really Necessary?

We’ve stayed in business nearly 30 years by delivering technical excellence and by treating our customers honestly and fairly. We’ll explain what’s necessary, what’s advisable, and what’s optional based on the guidelines of the EPA and the international non-profit IICRC (www.iicrc.com).  Their systematization sets drying requirements based on the amount of water.

  • Class 1 affects only part of one room, with little or no wet carpet, wood, or concrete.
  • Class 2 affects one or more full rooms with wet carpets. Moisture wicks up walls and reaches the building’s structure.
  • Class 3 saturates flooring, sub-flooring, and walls.
  • Class 4 saturates even hardwood, brick, and stone.

Their categories determine the level of worker protection and disinfection necessary.

  • Category 1 comes directly from a clean source such as plumbing, but becomes filled with bacteria, viruses, and fungi after about 24 hours.
  • Category 2 comes from sources such as as a washing machine and is likely to contain some pathogens and encourages their growth.
  • Category 3 is an immediate and significant health hazard, with contamination by sewage or soil.

Commerce California

Once we have your home or business back to pre-loss condition we hope you’ll take some time to prepare for the future.  As noted at usa.com, over the 60 year period ending 2010 there were 174 floods reported within 50 miles of Commerce.  That’s in addition to 181 incidents of heavy winds and 314 other “extreme weather” events — higher than most other Southern California areas.  The City of Commerce uses the Nixle emergency alert system.  You can sign up for their cell-phone notifications and learn a bit about disaster preparedness at http://www.ci.commerce.ca.us/index.aspx?NID=106.