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Mold and Water Damage Restoration in Santa Monica, California

Trying to deal with flood damage?  A sewage backup, leaky roof, or plumbing problem?  Need mold remediation?  If you’re in Santa Monica we’re your water damage specialists.  Immediate action is critical in preventing further deterioration, and that action requires expertise and special equipment.  We’re ready 365 days a year 24 hours a day and can be at your Santa Monica location in just 30 minutes.

Regal Restoration Masters

We provide outstanding 24 hour emergency cleaning, drying, and restoration services to residential and commercial properties in and around Santa Monica.  We make sure that our highly trained and certified technicians have the latest equipment to provide you with the best results in the shortest time.

We accept all insurance companies, and our years of experience help your claims process proceed quickly and smoothly.  We’ll work directly with your insurance carrier for the best communications, and assure that all of their documentation and mitigation requirements met.  We’ll also bill them directly so there’s no up front payment from you necessary to get things rolling.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Santa Monica

It doesn’t take a large amount of water to need professional water damage restoration specialists.  Any source of water that soaks building materials will do — a roof or plumbing leak, burst washing machine hose, bathtub overflow….  Within minutes water makes its way through porous materials and the tiniest of cracks.  And within hours it begins causing problems such as mold growth, wood swelling and warping, and plasterboard disintegrating.  You typically have a window of a single day, or at most two days, to prevent expensive water damage repairs.  Without action harmful moisture levels can remain for weeks even in the best of Santa Monica weather.

We stop that secondary damage in its tracks, as required by insurance companies.  We do that with surface drying through powerful water extraction equipment followed by refrigerant dehumidifiers and high-capacity blowers for complete structural dry out within just a few days.  Along with cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing your home or business facility our specialists can also treat carpeting, rugs, and upholstery as well as take care of repairs.

Flood Damage Restoration

With significant flooding water even wicks upwards inside walls, so aggressive drying and frequent monitoring are necessary to assure the fastest drying time.  Natural flooding or water standing for more than 24 hours will be harboring bacteria and viruses ready to become airborne and perhaps cause disease, so in addition debris removal and more extensive repairs our flood damage restoration services focus on careful disinfection.

Sewage Backup Services

A sewage backup or toilet overflow with feces is about as unsanitary as it gets.  So much so that our sewage removal teams must wear personal protective equipment and begin by blocking the spread disease organisms.  Beyond extensive disinfection, anything that’s been in direct contact must be removed and either heat sterilized or replaced.  If for any reason sewage cleanup waste can’t be sent back down the sewer our crews will perform vacuum sewage extraction followed by transportation and disposal as regulated by Santa Monica and California ordinances.

Mold Remediation

Prompt toxic mold removal is an absolute must.  But not all toxic species are black, and nearly all release irritants and allergens that lead to flu-like symptoms and sometimes even respiratory infections.  Besides being unsightly and sometimes smelly, mold destroys many materials such as wood, paper, and plaster board.  But because of those same health issues only the smallest of problems should be handled by homeowners and business owners.

We’re a licensed mold removal company.  The biggest part of an outbreak may be hiding out of sight in the darkness of crawl spaces, inside walls, and under carpeting.  So we begin with an expert inspection, and if there’s any doubts or special concerns surface sample and air sample testing.  Following regulations, standards, guidelines, and our own checklists our crews set up equipment to block the spread of contamination, then perform complete spore and mold removal.  Our services also include applying eco-friendly mildicide, air duct cleaning, and carpet cleaning for surrounding areas.  We’ll also take care of any water damage restoration needs and get rid of any remaining musty odors.

Santa Monica Business Disaster Planning

Many families have put together emergency kits and disaster plans.  But have you done the same for your business?  As noted by the Santa Monica city government if a business doesn’t reopen within 10 days it’s unlikely to survive.  And if a disaster strikes and a business doesn’t have an emergency plan already in place 43% never reopen and only 29% are still open 2 years later (https://www.smgov.net/Departments/OEM/Preparedness/Preparedness_for_Businesses.aspx).  So take advantage of the city’s resources, including Certified Emergency Response Training that’s free for anyone living or working in Santa Monica (https://www.smgov.net/Departments/OEM/Programs/Santa_Monica_CERT.aspx).  And our team would be happy to join your team in contingency and recovery planning.