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La Crescenta, California Flood Damage Restoration

Do you need to deal with water intrusion at your La Crescenta home or place of business?  There’s no need to panic, Regal is ready with a full line of water damage restoration services, including sewage cleanup along with odor and mold removal.  You’re probably feeling at least a bit overwhelmed, so put your mind at ease by putting our experts to work.  We can be there in 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, with specialists in cleaning and drying to prevent your disaster from growing with further damage.

Regal Restoration Masters

When you need water damage specialists you can count on Regal and our nearly 30 years of experience.  We clearly do things right, providing premium services at competitive rates.  Our certified water restoration technicians are extensively trained and have the latest technologies for the best in results.  We’re fully licensed and insured, including a California general contractor’s license allowing us to complete whatever repairs and reconstruction your La Crescenta property might need.  From an initial assessment all the way through to final haul away you’ll be impressed with our knowledge, workmanship, and customer care.  For a dry, clean, and healthy home or business property we can be there in a half hour, 24/7/365.

Insurance Issues

Homeowner’s, business’, and flood damage insurance policies require that you take all reasonable steps to prevent further destruction, otherwise any resulting secondary damage won’t be covered.  For many disasters that means immediate and professional water damage restoration services.  Wetness quickly makes its way into the sub-floor, wicks upwards inside walls, and reaches deeply into the structure itself.  A natural rate of evaporation leaves the inner structure damp for weeks or even longer, with progressive and often hidden harm.  Water extraction and structural drying cuts that down to just a very few days.

We work directly with all insurance companies, meeting their mitigation requirements.  We’ll also provide them with the damage inventory and detailed documentation (including photographs) they expect.  Regal will bill them directly, and can even help with your deductible.

All insurance companies accepted!

State Farm

Professional Water Damage Restoration

We have certified technicians for the many aspects of water damage restoration, ready for anything from a wet carpet to being hit by a La Crescenta flood.  Here is a brief summary of our many services and specialties.

  • Flood debris removal (IICRC Category 3) clears out flood debris and building items that should be immediately discarded.  A ground water source poses health hazards and requires more thorough disinfection, but does not pose extensive risks.  But any sewage contamination requires the expertise and services of our microbial remediation specialists.
  • Water extraction speeds surface drying through the use of our advanced truck-mounted vacuum equipment that’s up to twice as effective as portable machines or truck-mounted carpet cleaners.
  • Structural dry out is then necessary to actively pull out excess moisture from deep within the building.  We use powerful blowers, but that’s not enough.  We’ll also set up refrigerant dehumidifiers and restoration-industry-specific spot heaters.  With frequent monitoring of the actual moisture levels of building materials (not just air humidity) lets us make adjustments to complete building drying as quickly as possible, and not stop until everything’s safe again.
  • Cleaning and repairs then complete the job, leaving everything safe, healthy, and in pre-loss condition.

Sewage Damage Clean Up

A sewage backup (or overflowing toilet with feces) calls for worker protection along with the utmost in cleaning and sanitization.  Even before cleanup begins harmful bacteria and viruses become airborne so we start by isolating the affected areas.  Then our clean up crews and microbial specialists go to work, attending to details most people never even think of.  Anything that’s come into direct contact with sewage and can’t be heat-sterilized must be discarded along with all wastes using La Crescenta regulated transportation and disposal procedures

Odor and Mold Removal

Even without sewage or ground water, properties often end up with odors from bacteria and mold.  Those smells can last a long time even after their source is killed, so our services include neutralizing them with thermal foggers and ozone generators.  These make vapors that get past surfaces we can clean and into the inner structure.  There they safely break down odor compounds before quickly dissipating.

Except for bathroom tile and small areas, the EPA urges that mold remediation only be performed by contractors licensed for mold restoration, such as those at Regal (https://www.epa.gov/mold/mold-cleanup-your-home).  That’s because of how easily spores can be spread and the potential for extremely serious health risks.  Not all toxic molds are black, so we begin with testing and inspections to determine the nature and scope of your problem.  Mold doesn’t need light to grow, so the bulk of an outbreak could be completely hidden.  As per guidelines and regulations our crews will isolate the work area, setup negative-pressure exhausts and HEPA air scrubbers, and then proceed with actual removal using industry best-practices.  We’ll next decontaminate the work area along with the rest of the building and properly dispose of all materials as hazardous waste.

Water Damage Repair

With direct physical damage, water-caused deterioration, and bacterial and mold contamination, it’s likely that building materials will have to be replaced.  And in a significant disaster portions of the building may have to be demolished and reconstructed.  Our La Crescenta crews have the skills and experience you need for whatever you need — carpentry, cabinetry, doors and windows, electrical, flooring, plumbing, roofing….  When finished everything looks great, often better than before your catastrophe.  And we won’t leave you with a mess.  We’ll clean up and take care of haul away.

Flood Risks in La Crescenta-Montrose CA

Now that you’re experiencing what it takes to get through a water disaster, you’ll want to be even more prepared for future possibilities.

Crescenta straddles the City of Glendale (including Crescenta Highlands) and unincorporated parts of LA County.  The website www.usa.com notes that there have been 194 significant flooding incidents (as well as 87 of heavy winds and 50 of wildfires) within 50 miles over the period of 1950 through 2010.  Flooding and debris blows in Crescenta Valley are most common after fires, as noted at https://sites.google.com/site/stakeemergencypreparedness/home/natural-disasters-1/mudslides-and-debris-flows.  That website includes links to info and down loadable reports on disaster preparedness.  That includes signing up for real-time emergency alerts.  Your land line is already part of the local Reverse 911 system, but you’ll need to register cell phones.  You can also sign up for email alerts through the California Emergency Digital Information System.