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Water and Flood Damage Restoration Torrance, California

Facing a water intrusion situation in Torrance, California?  Whether a roof, appliance, or plumbing leak or a major catastrophe you want it taken care of properly.  You want everything back to normal, and the clock is already ticking on the 1-2 day window you have to prevent secondary damage.  Without immediate and thorough drying and disinfection you’ll soon be needing mold remediation and additional water damage repairs.  That’s why our certified technicians and fully-equipped trucks are ready to roll 24/365 for emergency flood damage restoration.  We’ll be at your Torrance home or business in just 30 minutes.  And whether there’s been a bath tub overflow or a sewage backup our microbial remediation experts will keep everyone safe and healthy.

Choose Regal Restoration Masters

Locally owned and operated we’ve been in business for nearly 30 years, staying successful by combining technical excellence with outstanding customer service.  That includes live support and immediate dispatch 24/7 for emergency water damage restoration services.

We’re a full-service flood damage restoration company, ready to meet all your needs from assessment onward through drying, dehumidifying, sanitizing, clean up, and haul away.  Our certified inspectors complete a detailed plan specific to each individual situation.  Our technicians, certified in a range of cleaning and restoration services, implement that plan with the latest cutting-edge equipment for thorough treatments and fast recovery.

Our staff will work directly with your insurance company.  That way we can be sure to meet all of their estimate, documentation, and mitigation requirements.  We’ll also bill them directly, and can help with your deductible.  So there should be no delays in getting time-critical tasks started and insurance claims processing should be hassle free.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

Every situation is a bit different, but the IICRC (the world-wide non-profit leader in our industry) guidelines provide some classifications based on the amount of water that guide drying and dehumidification strategies.  They range from Class 1 (little or no wet carpet and only part of a room affected) to Class 4 (several rooms involved, saturated flooring, and water migration more than a foot upwards inside walls).

It’s important to note that although surfaces may appear to have dried out there can still be destructive levels of moisture deep within the structure, even weeks later.  That’s why insurance companies typically require professional water damage restoration services if secondary damage is to be covered when filing your claims.

IICRC guidelines also categorize flooding based on the source of water.  Category 1 is directly from plumbing, Category 2 is from contaminated sources such as dishwashers, and Category 3 is from a ground water source (such as natural flooding).  After 24 hours all categories are to be considered unsanitary so besides debris removal, drying, and cleaning flood damage restoration requires specialist attention to containment and disinfection.

Flood Damage Restoration

Even though the climate in Torrance has generally low humidity, it still takes aggressive drying to prevent further deterioration such as hardwood flooring and even framing warping and drywall sagging or disintegrating.  Our crews typically accomplish in 3 to 4 days what nature would take weeks to do.  We begin with surface water extraction using powerful vacuum equipment.  Far more effective that that used by carpet cleaners we use it on walls and ceilings as well as flooring to quickly lower indoor humidity and protect building surfaces and your possessions.  We then complete rapid structural drying using an array of refrigerant dehumidifiers, specialized spot-dryers, and high-capacity blowers.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage removal is something you should never tackle yourself.  The health risks and technical know-how necessary for thorough disinfection are simply too great.  Did you know that specific regulations cover transporting such wastes through Torrance for proper disposal?  Or that bacteria and germs become airborne so that besides special clothing and respirators it’s necessary to isolate the affected area?  Our certified antimicrobial technicians manage all that, and assure immaculate cleaning and disinfection.  Sewage damage cleanup may also include repairs, as any materials that came in direct contact with a sewage backup must be removed and discarded if they can’t be heat sterilized.

Mold Remediation

Mold is the most common form of water damage, occurring almost anywhere there’s lingering moisture.  Besides issues of appearance its health implications range from minor annoyances to very serious conditions.  So it’s important to keep in mind that you could have a big problem even if you can’t see it.  Why?  A kind of fungus, mold doesn’t need light so it can be hiding above ceilings, inside walls, underneath carpet, in basements, or within crawl spaces.

Due to the health risks and the ease of spreading spores, all but the smallest mold removal jobs should be performed by a specially licensed company such as Regal.  We follow EPA, IICRC, and OSHA checklists to the letter for proper isolation and air purification, and absolutely thorough spore and mold removal.  We’ll apply an eco-friendly mildicide, decontaminate surrounding areas, and neutralize odors.  All wastes will be properly transported and disposed of to keep you and your Torrance neighbors healthy.

Water Damage Repairs

Even after a relatively small plumbing or roofing leak water damage repairs such as replacing sheetrock and repainting are often needed.  Our skilled crews can handle that, as well as major repairs and reconstruction.  With roofers and flooring specialists and everything in between we quite literally have you covered floor to ceiling.  Our technicians are also experts in rescuing carpet, rugs, and upholstery and our odor removal equipment will leave the building and its contents completely odor free.

Commercial Services

Our 30 years of experience also includes commercial flood damage restoration services for restaurants, hotels, health care facilities, churches, retail shops, and more.  We have the equipment, manpower, and expertise to quickly get you back into full operation.  And that includes water damage sanitation issues related to restaurant re-inspections and medical facility certifications for occupancy.


Torrance California enjoys mild temperatures and mild weather throughout the year.  But that doesn’t mean there’s no concerns that you need to be prepared for.  With flash flooding in 2014 ( http://abc7.com/weather/torrance-businesses-swamped-in-flash-flood/439534/), prior history shows 146 serious flooding incidents within 50 miles of Torrance over the years 1950 through 2010 (usa.com).  So once you’re comfortably back in your daily routing check out http://www.torranceca.gov/DisasterPreparedness.htm.