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Water and Flood Damage Restoration Rancho Cucamonga, California

When you’ve experienced any sort of water damage, from a burst pipe to an El Nino basement flood, you need professional water damage restoration services in Rancho Cucamonga, California?.  It takes surprisingly little water to reach so deeply into a building’s structure that it takes weeks and weeks to evaporate even during the summer.  But in just 24 hours it’s likely to be causing mold and other flood damage to just about any porous building material, furniture, and other possessions.  That’s why our experts are ready 24 hours a day 365 days a year for exceptional residential and commercial service.  Need sewage cleanup?  No worries.  Our antimicrobial technicians can also arrive anywhere in Rancho Cucamonga in just 30 minutes.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Our decades of experience with commercial properties has shown us the many concerns and priorities of business owners and property managers, including OSHA required responsibilities to your employees for a safe and healthy working environment.  That experience includes churches and other places of worship, hospitals and other health-care facilities, hotels and motels, office complexes, restaurants, and retail shops.  You can count on our prompt and dependable arrivals, efficient processes, and advanced equipment to get you back in full operation as quickly as is safely possible with a minimum of losses.

Choose Regal Restoration Masters in Rancho Cucamonga

Whether for homes or businesses Regal has what it takes for successful water damage restoration projects.  That includes state of the art technology, certified inspectors and technicians, and decades of experience.  Locally owned and operated, we’ve been serving Southern California since 1989 with technical excellence and attention to personalized customer care.  And of course we’re fully licensed and insured.

Flood Damage

Flood damage restoration involves much more than pump out, debris removal, cleaning, and water damage repair services for your home or business.  Without proper drying secondary damage such as mold, warped and split wood, sagging or crumbling drywall, and so on can become a major part of recovery costs in just a few days.  And since they were preventable they won’t be covered by insurance.  Without proper disinfecting, health hazards can develop in a single day and last for weeks or even months.

We base the nature and extent of our water damage restoration services on guidelines by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, an international non-profit leader.  They in turn are based on the amount of water (Class 1 covering just a few square feet to Class 4 covering several rooms and saturating most materials) and the degree of disease-causing contamination (Category 1 directly from drinking-water plumbing to Category 3 sewage and storm floodwaters).

At Regal we go well beyond ordinary cleaning services and repair companies in five critical areas.

  • Assessment by inspectors certified in water damage restoration and microbial remediation.
  • Surface water extraction from floors, walls, and ceilings with specialized equipment to immediately reduce indoor humidity and speed overall drying.
  • Building structural dry out using commercial-grade blowers, refrigerant dehumidifers, and other drying equipment to remove every last bit of excess moisture, even that trapped deeply within the building’s structure.
  • Recovery of upholstery, furniture, rugs, carpets, and other possessions by certified cleaning and restoration technicians.
  • Expert disinfection and odor removal by certified technicians for a safe, clean, and odor-free building.

Together, these assure complete structural dry out and sanitization in just a few days for no further problems down the road and a lower total recovery cost.

Sewage Backup Cleaning

Even an overflowing toilet with feces requires gloves, a face mask, and special disinfection to safely clean up.  A sewage backup is a major event covered by Rancho Cucamonga, California, and federal regulations!  Besides worker protection requirements throughout the process, after sewage damage cleanup disinfection must be incredibly thorough with attention to details most people would never even think of.  Did you know those bacteria and viruses become airborne?  Or that contaminated water makes its way behind baseboards?  For the health and safety of building occupants anything that came in direct contact with sewage must be replaced if it can’t be completely sterilized.  Strict regulations even apply to the transportation and disposal of all wastes.

Mold Remediation

When conditions delay immediate drying, or you experience mold due to a leak or failed ventilation, it’s good to know that Regal is a licensed mold removal contractor.  Killing mold with bleach or painting over it (even with “kills stain blockers”) simply aren’t adequate.  You’re still left with spores, allergens, and other contaminants.  And perhaps even toxins.  Plus with any moisture still within walls or under flooring mold will continue to grow completely in the dark.

Our mold remediation specialists do a complete job, thoroughly and safely.  The set up isolation to prevent the spread of spores and contamination then perform mold removal using only approved methods.  Wastes are sealed before being carried through your home or business and properly disposed of as hazardous wastes.  We’ll decontaminate surrounding areas as well, performing carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning as necessary and applying non-toxic anti-fungal treatments.  We’ll also remove (not just cover up) any lingering musty odors.

A Word About Insurance

Standard policies cover water damage restoration expenses from man-made causes but not natural disasters.  If you’re in an area identified as a flood hazard zone, you should already have a special rider or separate policy (most often a FEMA NFIP policy) covering storm flooding in order to meet mortgage requirements.

We accept any insurance company, and will bill them directly.  Working with them directly as well, our timely two-way communication keeps claims processing proceeding smoothly and takes you out of the sometimes frustrating loop.  Our staff will provide all the detailed documentation of causes, times of occurrence, losses, and recovery efforts necessary.  And our experts make sure that all mitigation measured required for secondary damage coverage are met.

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Some Rancho Cucamonga CA Statistics

While at relatively low risk of severe earthquakes compared to the rest of California, Rancho Cucamonga is more at risk of other types of natural disasters than other parts of Southern California.  For the sixty-year period ending in 2010 there were 1,381 extreme weather events within 50 miles of downtown.  That included 428 floods (an average of 7 per year!), 252 wildfires, and 231 incidents of high winds (http://www.usa.com/rancho-cucamonga-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm).