Water Damage Removal, Cleanup & Restoration

The La Canada, California Water Damage Experts

Need water damage restoration in La Canada, California?  Regardless of the amount of water — from a tub overflow to a major flood — we’re ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week for superior mold remediation, sewage cleanup, and water damage repair.  A home or business disaster is upsetting, and often quite discouraging, but you need to focus and take action immediately.  Without immediate and rapid drying, cleaning, and disinfecting you could soon be facing even worse secondary damage.

Regal Restoration Masters

In just 30 minutes you could have one of our water damage specialists at your La Canada doorstep, anytime 24/7/365.  With our 30 years of experience you know you’ll be getting a crew that fully understands how to get the job done right and provide attentive customer service.  We’re a full-service water restoration company, covering everything from initial damage assessment on through final clean up and haul away.  Regardless of the source of water, well take care of the building, rugs and carpets, and upholstery.  Our experts are highly trained and certified in a variety of specialties.  Always applying industry best-practices, they use the latest in equipment for great results at affordable rates.  Regal always uses eco-friendly products and methods.  We keep everyone safe and return your fine home or business property to like-new condition.

Insurance Issues

We accept all insurance companies, and will work with them directly to save you time and worry.  Our experience in their documentation and mitigation requirements helps for fast and smooth claims processing.  All of our services focus on mitigating against further deterioration as insurance won’t cover preventable losses.  And we know how important your home is to you.

All insurance companies accepted!

State Farm


Mud and Flood Damage Clean Up

With localized or major La Canada flooding there’s much that must simply be removed.  But actually, it’s not really simple.  Any ground water source is a health hazard, so our cleanup is accompanied by worker protection and focuses on extremely thorough cleaning and disinfecting.  The time required for site access and clearing often means that mold remediation will also be necessary.

Sewage Backup

Sewage removal poses even greater health risks.  Whether from a backup or just a toilet overflow, our sewage damage clean up starts by isolating the work area so pathogens that become airborne won’t spread through the rest of the structure.  Our experienced crews with all the recommended personal protections will then provide meticulous cleaning and expert disinfection.  Various building materials will be removed, sterilized, or encapsulated as most appropriate.  And of course we’ll properly take care of disposal for all those hazardous wastes.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in La Canada

Even something as minor as several square feet of wet carpet may call for professional services, as described in IICRC guidelines (www.iicrc.com).  Those same guidelines cover the necessary procedures for various amounts and sources of water.  Our certified technicians have all the right equipment for the fastest drying times and minimum further destruction.  That includes professional moisture detection meters, dehumidifiers, and blowers along with foggers and ozone generators for odor removal.  Our services include the following.

  • expert damage assessment and recovery planning
  • debris clean up
  • initial cleaning and disinfecting
  • surface drying with powerful water extraction gear
  • complete building structural dry out
  • crawl space and basement drying
  • carpet and other flooring replacement
  • final disinfection and cleaning treatments
  • odor control

Mold Removal

It doesn’t matter if the problem is from a La Canada flood, a plumbing problem, a leaky roof, or just poor ventilation.  Mold has to be taken seriously, and the problem may be completely unseen is mold is quite capable of growing in complete darkness.  You may only notice a smell or eye, nose, or throat irritations.  Or perhaps prolonged flu- and cold-like symptoms. And there can also be serious mycotoxins putting your loved ones or employees at risk of some very serious conditions.

So if you have any suspicions let us begin with a visual inspection along with air- and surface-sample testing.  If independent results are positive, our licensed mold restoration team will isolate the affected area, setting up negative air-pressure exhausts and air scrubbers as well.  They’ll then complete thorough mold removal and decontamination, followed by abatement procedures such as non-toxic mildicide treatments and air-duct cleaning.  Following regulations and guidelines, we’ll treat all materials as hazardous wastes with proper transportation and disposal.

Water Restoration Repairs and Reconstruction

Whether from direct physical destruction, water intrusion and deterioration, or the removal of contaminated materials it’s likely you’ll  need water damage repairs as well.  Our highly skilled craftspeople are ready.  For extensive destruction, demolition and rebuilding part of your home or business may be the best way forward.  We’re a licensed California general contractor, so we can also handle everything from flooring to roofing, and quite literally everything in between.

La Canada Flintridge Flood and Mud

Whatever you’re dealing with now, you probably remember the 2010 La Canada “mud flood.”  Starting then and going back to 1950 there were 196 floods reported within 50 miles of the city (http://www.usa.com/la-canada-flintridge-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm).  So once you’re back on your feet it’s a very good idea to plan ahead.  You can find links to disaster preparation resources at http://www.lcf.ca.gov/public-safety/emergency-preparedness.  You can also sign up to the 911 Alert LCF system serving La Canada at that website.